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Digital Video

This video essay is a response to the artist's experience working as a stripper. What began as a beautiful and exciting adventure quickly turned dark as the artist was criticized and ultimately fired for not having an augmented body. This piece explores what happens to ones relationship to our own bodies when one performs professionally for the male gaze.

Official Festival Selections:

Antimatter festival 2017, Victoria BC
Athens Film and Video Festival 2018, Athens Ohio
Winnipeg Underground Film festival 2018
Splice International Film Festival 2018
Sydney Underground Film festival, Australia, 2018
Revelation Perth International Film festival 2018
Innuendo International Film Festival, Milan, 2018
Other Venice Film Festival, Venice Beach CA, 2018
Eastern Oregon Film Festival, 2018
Arizona Underground Film Festival 2018
California International Shorts festival (Award Winner), Los Angeles, 2018
Eindhoven Film Festival, The Netherlands, 2018
Videodrunk, Toronto, 2018
Medusa Underground Film Fest, Las Vegas, 2019
Midwest Weirdfest, Wisconsin, 2019